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It's all about optimizing your sexual health!


Our goal is to increase awareness by changing how adult toys and enhancements are viewed. Incorporating adult toys is a healthy, safe, and exciting way for adults of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations to enjoy and enhance their sex lives, whether they be single or part of a couple. We are taking the lead and cleaning up the dirty image that sex toys carry by offering a forum where you can find answers to sexuality and sexual health questions, a glossary of sexual terms and practices as well as articles written by different experts on many aspects of sexuality and sexual health. Join us in making the shift from the "dirty little secret" to enhancing our overall well-being. 


What is a "sex toy?"  In theory, almost anything can take the role of a "sex toy." Other than two human bodies, anything else introduced into sex play qualifies as either prophylaxis (contraception and disease prevention) or recreation, i.e., a toy. For our purposes, a sex toy is any object brought into sex play to enhance the pleasure of both people involved. 


Everyone needs to feel the freedom of sexual release. You know. . . that thing that makes you shiver from head to toe whether it be alone or with a partner. At My Sweet Release we are focused on helping you achieve your maximum pleasure point.  We have all the ingredients you need for a fun-filled night with your partner or your solo session.  There's something for everyone.